Birth photography is so unique. Its all about preserving those fading memories and making them last an eternity. I want you to remember every single moment of this journey.

The pain, the perseverance, the gentle touch of your spouse, the firm hold of your doula, how fierce you were the moment you roared your baby into this world, the touch of your baby’s fresh skin (and that SMELL!), the tears shed, the kisses exchanged, the first latch...ALL of it. All of those brief moments that get lost in the business of birth.

Your story is so, SO important and you deserve to tell that story forever.


That’s where I come in...


So hi! I’m Cayla. I document birth stories of all kinds, for all kinds of different people. I serve badass birthers all over the SWLA and Acadiana region.


I’m a wife, kind-of-hippie mom to three girls, and basically an all around domestic goddess. (Just kidding, I’m a way better birth photographer than housekeeper *shrug*) My hair is always some shade of pink and I’m pretty sure it’ll still be that way when I’m a wrinkly, old lady, too.

Serving women in this most sacred transition into motherhood is the most rewarding “job” I could ever ask for. When I shot my first birth back in 2012, I had no idea it would set me on such a life changing path.

I’m now studying to be a doula and can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. I’m a full blown #birthnerd and wouldn’t have it any other way.

A few of the standard “about me” section life facts:

• I freaking love coffee and I’m kind of a snob about it. #sorrynotsorry

• Same goes for key lime pie. It’s my favorite. But only the REAL DEAL. The kind you get *in* Florida. And only from certain places.

• I really love essential oils. I use them for just about everything.

• I have a serious weakness when it comes to expensive makeup even though I spend most of my days at home, totally barefaced.

• I had one epidural birth and one unmedicated, hospital birth. My first pregnancy and birth were what really sparked my interest in the world of birth. Forever grateful to Harper (my first) for setting me on this path without even knowing it. Thanks, kid!

• Obsessed with cats. Seriously.

• Babywearing and breastfeeding are two things I’m pretty passionate about. I breastfed Isla (my littlest babe) for 27 months.

I’m married to a pretty cool guy. I met Rhett back when I was a wedding photographer. He was a groomsman in one of my beach weddings. I had no idea I’d find my soul mate that weekend in Destin, but I did. We were married a few years later on the beaches just down the road from where we met. Dreamy, right?


I was born in Georgia but I've lived all over. I consider Florida to be my true home. I'm never more content than when I'm by a beach. There's something about the lovely smell of a sea breeze that settles my restless soul.

Killmer 48.jpg

I believe that every birth is a scared transition and that every, single woman holds the power to birth where and how she chooses.